BBC weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of blustery showers as wall of rain to batter Britain

BBC Weather: Front set to bring 'splashes of rain' to UK

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood said Monday and Tuesday would be relatively dry for most parts of the UK. However, by Wednesday morning a new weather front will bring heavy rain to parts of the UK. This weather front will be a wall of rain that moves in from the northwest of the UK and moves progressively south.

Despite this, temperatures will remain in the mid to high teens throughout the week.

Ms Kirkwood said: “On the satellite picture you can see there is quite a lot of cloud across the south eastern corner.

“Yesterday parts of east Anglia had almost a months worth of rainfall, that is moving away now but there are still some showers left behind.

“Today for most, after a chilly start in rural areas, it is going to be dry with some sunshine.”

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The BBC weather forecaster noted that as we go through the week the weather will turn considerably more wet.

For both Monday and Tuesday temperatures are expected to be around the mid to high teens.

The north of the UK will see the cooler temperatures while down south temperatures could reach as high as 20C.

Overnight, temperatures will fall significantly across the UK as they fall between 9 and 13 degrees.

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Ms Kirkwood continued: “Our weak weather front continues to drift southwards and continues to weaken as well.

“For most, it will be a dry day and there will be sunny spells but there will be another weather front coming in.”

“This will introduce thicker clouds and also some splashes of rain and will be windier.”

This weather front is set to move in from the north west and bring heavier rain for Wednesday.

The weather forecaster said: “Later on in Tuesday evening and overnight we find that low pressure starts to approach the northwest.

“It is going to turn windier in the northwest and with that weather front coming in overnight we will see a lot of rain coming in as well.

“The weather front producing the rain will then sink southwards.

“This rain will be heavier and by the end of the day, it will be across north Wales.

“As it moves south we will see a return to some blustery showers but equally some sunshine.”

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