'Beautiful' baby boy found dead in bed on Christmas Eve as devastated parents pay tribute

A BABY boy was found dead in bed on Christmas Eve as his devastated parents paid tribute to their “beautiful” son. 

Paramedic Tom Houghton and partner Carly Bonaito are “trying to keep it together” after they found six-month-old Louie unresponsive in his cot at 8am. 

Friend Rheannon Sheeran, 27, told how Carly had settled baby Louie after he started crying at about 6.30am at their Sheffield home.

But when she later went to feed him less than two hours later, the tot could not be woken. 

Distraught partner Tom – who was in bed at the time after working a night shift – started CPR on Louie straight away. 

Paramedics continued to try and resuscitate the child as they rushed him to Sheffield Children’s Hospital – but he was sadly later pronounced dead.


Nurse Rheannon said Louie, born at Royal Hallamshire Hospital on June 3, had brought the couple “unimaginable joy” during lockdown. 

She told how Tom, 28, and Carly, 24, were “trying to keep it together” for their three children, Macey, 4, Alfie, 3, and one-year-old George.

Louie – who was “obsessed” with YouTube character Dancing Pineapple – was described as a “sweet, contented baby”.

Rheannon said brother Alfie had asked to keep his curtains open every night since Louie’s death so he could “see him in the sky”.

She continued: “They tried to do as best they could on Christmas Day but Tom was inconsolable at times – he was just crying his eyes out.

It’s going to ruin Christmas for the rest of their lives

“When it actually hit Carly she was shaking uncontrollably and vomiting.

“They have a good support network and they’re handling it well, considering what they’re going through.

“But for this to happen at Christmas just makes it a lot worse – it’s going to ruin Christmas for the rest of their lives.”

Rheannon added: “He had definitely found his little voice box and was just making the most incredible little sounds – he was absolutely perfect.”

Rheannon has set up a GoFundMe page to support Tom and Carly as they grieve for their lost boy. 

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