Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom subtitle goes horribly wrong on Amazon Prime episode

One eagle-eyed dad, Geoff Watkins, spotted the slip while his daughter was happily enjoying the pre-school show from the makers of Peppa Pig on Amazon Prime.

In the clip posted on Twitter the fairy is asked by the king to use her magic to bring the missing castle back but she warns she will have to use a “very big spell”.

The fairy nanny says: “Thunder and lightning, blow wind blow. Buggers that was, home sweet home.”

After a swirl of her wand and a bit of hocus-pocus, the castle re-appears.

Geoff wrote on the social networking site: “I’m not sure “Bugger” is an age appropriate word for this show! My child is never going to be the same again!”

He added in a later tweet that his daughter had a “new favourite word”.

The spin-off from Peppa Pig, is also a big hit airing throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the US

It first aired in the UK on May 31, 2004 and has now run to a fifth series.

The show is set in the Little Kingdom which is ruled by King and Queen Thistle who live in Thistle Castle with their daughters Holly, Daisy and Poppy.

The magical world is also inhabited by elves, who live in the Great Elf Tree, and other fairies who live in toadstools in the nearby village.

While Holly is a princess, she has her best friend Ben Elf who lives in the Elf Tree with his parents.

Amazon has been contacted for comment.

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