Bizarre claims US government has dug up Aurora 'alien' buried after crash-landing 120 years ago

Novelist Kerry Haggard claims that the locals found the body of the pilot who was "not an inhabitant of this world" when sifting through the wreckage.

Kerry, 53, who also runs his own vintage car restoration company, said: "During my extensive three year research in relation to the event, I discovered that in the early morning hours April 17th 1897 a single alien spacecraft lost control over the sky's of Texas.

"It clipped the edge of a fast moving windmill above the small town of Aurora just north of Fort Worth.

"It veered into the path of the town's only water tower and crashed with a terrific explosion which awakened many of the residents.

"Reported in both Dallas and Fort Worth newspapers of the time, the story of the downed Aurora TX "Traveller" was not the first of such occurrences to be sure.

"There were hundreds of UFO sightings witnessed and documented in newspapers throughout the old west beginning shortly after the Civil War from San Francisco to Louisiana coming to a head in 1897.

"Our government is ruthless and corrupt as I more than most know all too well so maybe they have slipped in there and carted him away.

Kerry claims to have had his own close encounter with a UFO aged just nine while growing up in Georgia.

He has since written a book about the incident, which tells the story of a news reporter tasked with finding is to find the alien's final resting place.

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