Bizarre moment Brit tourists strip naked and play beach Olympics in front of stunned tourists in Magaluf

The 11 pals undressed on the sands and spent 15 minutes engaged in various games and races.

A witness told the Majorca Daily Bulletin that at the time – 6.30pm – the beach was full of families and children.

Nudity is prohibited except in authorised areas, which is not the case on Magaluf beach.

Cops in the area are cracking down on the boozy antics of holidaymakers and last month arrested eight people for having sex in public.

Officers – dubbed the fun police by bar workers in the riotous resort – issued a total of 411 "denuncias" for contraventions of bylaws drafted into clean-up Magaluf.

That’s 66 more than May last year.

The majority – 267 – were for illegal street selling.

There were 34 for unauthorised massage, 31 for drinking alcohol in the streets, 28 for possession or taking of drugs, eight for having sex in public and three for nudity or semi-nudity in unauthorised areas.

Last week they arrested 22 people for illegally publicising bars and nightclubs.

And of the 15 PRs – tiqueteros in Spanish – were fined for "oral publicity" without a licence on behalf of 10 different establishments.

Seven more received sanctions for distributing publicity leaflets.

Fines range from £526 to £1,750.

Politicians in Magaluf have now listed 109 infringements that attract fines and they include scaling balconies, picking flowers, climbing trees, unauthorised sand sculptures, skateboarding, playing football in the street and spitting.

Councillors in Calvia – that covers the resort – also banned displays of booze from outside shops and boxing and arm wrestling machines from the streets to improve the aesthetics of the area.

Spanish politicians first mounted a clean-up campaign in 2014 – with British bobbies even patrolling the resort the following year.

They told local media that Magaluf would be a "mature tourist zone" and that public spaces would be ‘rehabilitated’ to rule out public disorder.

Police and the town’s Mayor are desperate to crack down on excessive drinking and sex games which have earned the resort the nickname "Shagaluf".

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