Bizarre photos show 'alien skeleton' of woman with egg-shaped head unearthed from Bronze Age burial pit

The remains of a fourth or fifth century woman with a remarkable artificially elongated egg-shaped skull were found in Russia.

Archeologists say the woman, who lived during the Dark Ages, was an “elite” member of her society.

Her skeleton, dating from up to 1,700 years ago, was unearthed in the city of Nazran in the Caucasus Mountains.

The burial was on a site where older Bronze Age weapons, jewellery and ceramics were also discovered, along with the bones of wild and domesticated animals.

Her head and neck were “artificially deformed”, say experts from the Institute of Caucasus Archaeology.

The shape was “moulded” either by multiple bandaging or "ringing" of the head in infancy.

Such bandages or rings were worn for the first years of a child’s life to to contort the skull into the desired shape.

Shaping and elongating the skull in this way was popular on various continents among ancient groupings like the Sarmatians, Alans, Huns and others.

The deformed heads were seen a sign of a person’s special status and noble roots, and their privileged place in their societies, it is believed.

The woman also had high quality teeth which have remained well preserved, despite being buried for so long.

Archaeological works at the hillside Gamurziyevskoye settlement site in Russia’s Ingushetia republic between the Nazranka and Sunzha rivers started several months ago.

It involves teams from the Institute of Caucasus Archeology and the Yevgeny Krupnov Archeological Centre.

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