Blogger does Kiki Challenge on Pakistan International Airways plane

Travel blogger does Drake’s viral Kiki Challenge on an empty Pakistan International Airways plane sparking fury over security and ‘disgrace of the national flag’

  • Eva Bianka Zubeck, from Poland, was criticised for the promotional video
  • She can be seen dancing while wrapping Pakistan’s national flag around her
  • The footage sparked fury over security issues and disgrace to country’s flag
  • Miss Zubeck was forced to post a comment in response to the viral video
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A blogger has been criticised for doing the viral kiki challenge in an empty Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane.

Travel blogger Eva Bianka Zubeck, from Poland, can be seen dancing in and out of the plane doing the popular dance to Drake’s In My Feelings while wrapping Pakistan’s national flag around her body.

PIA landed into trouble with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) who claimed the blogger had disgraced the flag and violated security by entering the plane and runway without permission.

Eva Bianka Zubeck, from Poland, (pictured) was criticised for dancing in an empty Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane while doing the kiki challenge to Drake’s song In My Feelings

The blogger can be seen dancing in the plane and on the runway which sparked fury over security issues and disgrace to the flag

Watchdog NAB told Dawn: ‘We want to know who allowed the woman to go into an empty aircraft and dance at the airport.

‘We want to ascertain that who had permitted the women to freely move into a highly-secured runway of the airport.’ 

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PIA denied any involvement with the video which was allegedly made by them to promote the country’s tourism.

 The blogger (pictured), who has been travelling across Pakistan, posted a comment on her Instagram to explain the story behind the promotional video

 The blogger apologised to followers on social media after the video received a lot of media attention

 Miss Zubeck, who has recently been travelling across Pakistan, was forced to post a video on her Instagram to explain the footage.

She said: ‘I thought I would take a minute to clarify a couple of things about the kiki challenge video that seems to be getting a lot of media attention over the last few hours.

‘To give it a bit of context, I was with PIA doing a vlog about travelling to Karachi and someone suggested while we where there- why not do a kiki challenge video? 

Miss Zubeck said she thought the video could be a ‘fun way to promote tourism’. PIA denied any involvement with the video 

‘So I thought sure it could be a fun way to promote tourism in Pakistan.  

‘I got a lot of love and really positive comments.

‘But I do appreciate that some people didn’t quite like the video for other reasons and if that is the case and you didn’t like it then I do apologise.

‘Of course I meant only positive things and I will continue making it my mission on my social media feeds to promote Pakistan tourism and to promote the culture and people here.’

A PIA spokesman said in a statement to Dawn: ‘PIA denies any involvement in the video of a foreigner girl dancing. This video was shared on PIA’s page but now has been deleted.’ 

What is the ‘Kiki challenge’?  

The viral ‘In My Feelings’ dance craze was started by internet comedian and Instagram star Shiggy.

He first posted the dance on June 30 encouraging his 1.6 million followers to #DoTheShiggy.

It features acting out the lyrics to Drake’s song which include the lines ‘Kiki, do you love me?’ and ‘Are you riding?’ 

Shiggy is seen in the original clip dancing on a street as cars drive past, although he does not jump out of a moving vehicle.

Within days, hundreds of videos sprung up on social media of people performing the dance as they embraced the latest challenge to engross the online community. 

Celebrities including NFL star Odell Beckham Jr, Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi and Will Smith have all attempted the dance.

Drake has since thanked Shiggy for the success of ‘In My Feelings’ that went to No 1 in the charts.

Drake credited Shiggy (left) for the success of ‘In My Feelings’ when the pair met earlier this month at Nice Guy Club in Hollywood

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