Body of Jaime Rae Feden IDed in Las Vegas desert

The body of 33-year-old Pennsylvania woman Jaime Rae Feden — whose boyfriend admitted to kidnapping and then killing her — was confirmed found in the Las Vegas desert, according to a new report.

The Clark County, Nevada, coroner said Thursday it used dental records to confirm Feden’s identity, and her family has been notified, KDKA reported.

Authorities initially planned to request a DNA analysis of the body, but that is no longer necessary, according to the report.

John Chapman, 39, who is married but was also dating Feden, fessed up to luring the woman from the suburb of Bethel Park to Las Vegas in late September, promising a photo shoot.

Instead, he zip-tied his girlfriend’s hands and feet to a signpost, then suffocated her using duct tape, he has confessed, according to multiple outlets.

Authorities and friends say Chapman tried to keep up Feden’s Facebook account to maintain the appearance that she was alive.

The body was first discovered on Oct. 5, weeks after Feden was last seen in her hometown of Bethel Park, KDKA reported.

“It didn’t appear there was any attempt to hide the body,” Lincoln County Nevada Sheriff Kerry Lee told the station. “The body was just 25, 30 yards off the dirt road and seven-tenths of a mile off the main highway.”

Feden had VATER syndrome, a rare congenital condition that resulted in her petite stature.

“She is very petite and very tiny, which matched the remains we had located,” Lee told KDKA. “We were also able to compare tattoos from Jaime Feden to our remains.”

Nevada deputies will be flying out to Pennsylvania to continue the investigation, according to the report.

If homicide charges are filed, Nevada authorities will handle the case, the outlet reported.

“Pretty cold and calculated that someone would take somebody like this out into the desert and do what they allegedly did,” Lee told the station.

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