Boozy revellers hit the bars in Wales after Covid firebreak lockdown lifts – and England still has nearly 3 weeks to go

BOOZY revellers hit the town in Wales last night following the lifting of the country's firebreak lockdown.

Wales ended their 17-day coronavirus lockdown on Monday while England still has nearly three weeks left of its four-week national shutdown.

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Revellers were spotted out and about taking full advantage of Student Night in Cardiff.

Groups of friends avoided social distancing measures while they danced and hugged on St Mary Street.

Revellers choose to go mask-free while they took selfies with their friends.

Pubs and bars reopened again on Monday following a total shutdown by the Welsh Government.

New guidelines have eased restrictions on non-essential businesses.

That means trips to pubs, cafes and restaurants are back on – as long as people follow social distancing and hygiene rules.

People are also allowed to meet indoors with four different households.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said on Monday: "I am confident we will see the impact of what we have done over the last 17 days in the weeks that now follow."

The new restrictions are in place across the nation instead of the regional approach that saw a patchwork of different rules in different places.

All four nations of the UK currently have different coronavirus rules, although it is hoped the same approach will be used everywhere over the Christmas period.

England imposed a nationwide lockdown that began on November 5 and will continue until December 2.

The PM is said to have heeded to scientists' calls after he was warned there could be several thousand deaths a day if action was not taken to curtail the rise of coronavirus cases.

Under the second lockdown, all non-essential businesses are closed including bars, pubs and clubs.

In preparation for the lockdown people in Newcastle, Nottingham and Portsmouth hit the town on November 4 for their last hurrah.

In Newcastle, hundreds of people gathered on the streets as pals went out on one of the last nights without strict restrictions.

Nottingham saw similar scenes while the fun appeared to have spilled out on the street in Portsmouth as students relished their last night before the country went into lockdown.

It comes as experts say the record number of virus cases yesterday was down to Brits enjoying their final night before lockdown.

Infections leapt on November 12 by half to 33,470 in the biggest 24-hour rise – bringing the total number of UK cases to 1.2million.

Experts said an 11,000 spike in confirmed cases was almost certainly due to a "last hurrah" as Brits partied before lockdown hit on November 5.

And they warned the surge may last several days as more cases filter through.

On November 12, the UK became the first country in Europe to pass 50,000 coronavirus deaths as another 595 people died – one of the highest totals in six months.

Boris Johnson said "we mourn everybody who's gone" as Britain hit the grim milestone.

Last Thursday, the first day of England's second lockdown, saw 24,141 new cases of coronavirus across Britain.

It comes as Britain's coronavirus R rate finally dropped back below 1, as the crucial value is now estimated to be at 0.9 across the country.

But there are still 14,030 patients in hospital in the UK, with 1,268 on ventilators.

The UK is now the fifth country in the world to pass 50,000 deaths after the US, Brazil, India and Mexico.

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