Boris Johnson announcement: When is the Prime Minister's next speech?

BORIS Johnson will hold a Downing Street press conference on Monday (March 29, 2021) as he begins easing England's coronavirus lockdown.

The Prime Minister will announce the first step of his four phase roadmap out of lockdown – giving millions of Brits extra freedoms – from a brand new press room at Downing Street.

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When is Boris Johnson's next announcement?

The Prime Minister will hold his next press conference on Monday, March 29, 2021, at 5pm.

The PM will speak to the nation when on the same day the first phase of his lockdown roadmap comes into play.

The eagerly anticipated Covid briefing will be welcomed by lockdown weary Brits who've been under Stay At Home orders since January.

What is Boris Johnson expected to announce?

On Monday, the stay at home message will be ditched in England – but people still face a fine if they try to leave the country.

But the change now means that people will be told simply to "minimise travel".

That means people can visit family members a couple of hours drive away or visit a park in another part of the country and not be fined.

You could even go to the Lake District for a walk and not be fined from Monday, March 29.

However, people do face a £5,000 for trying to leave the country without a reasonable excuse.

From March 29, the Rule of Six will be re-introduced, allowing six people – or two households – to mix outdoors.

Two households will be able to meet outdoors for the first time in months.

Brits will also be able to take part in outdoor sports with football pitches, tennis courts and golf courses all set to reopen.

This means even small gatherings in private gardens will be permitted in a little over a month – just in time for Easter over the April 4 weekend.

But indoor facilities like gyms won't be open until at least April 12.

How can I watch Boris Johnson's speech?

The conference will be broadcast from 5pm through various formats.

Viewers can watch the presser on the Sun's official YouTube account.

In addition, our live coronavirus blog will provide real time updates and reports as details of his plans unfold.

Where will Boris Johnson speak from?

Downing Street has confirmed that work on its £2.9m White House-style media briefing room has been completed.

Future Government coronavirus press briefings will take place in the £2.6 million room in Number 9 Downing Street, with the Prime Minister making his debut appearance next week.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman told reporters: "Work on the briefing room in No 9 Downing Street is now complete, so going forward all future coronavirus press conferences will take place over in No 9.

"They will begin on Monday when the Prime Minister does a press conference in there."

Boris Johnson's press secretary Allegra Stratton said the Government still planned to go ahead with daily televised briefings.

She said: "Yes, we are but we just don't know yet when. It is all about hitting milestones in the road map."

The revamped briefing room is modelled on Washington’s West Wing.

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