Boy, 6, drowns in septic tank in freak tragedy while walking little sister home

A six-year-old boy has drowned in a septic tank in a horrific accident after falling through a hole while walking his little sister home.

Alexander Fukin was bringing his younger sibling back from kindergarten when he took a shortcut near a playground and stepped on a temporary cover.

Police believe he fell through a hole in a thin plywood cover.

His four-year-old sister ran home to her grandmother following the tragedy in southern Russia, but was too shocked to explain what had happened.

A police sniffer dog search led officers to a local cafe’s septic tank at 10pm, five hours after the child went missing in Bykovo village.

“Plywood covered the open septic tank belonging to the cafe,” said a local report.

“Glancing into the hole they saw the child’s flip-flops on the surface.

“Workers pumped excrement out the septic tank and raised the body of the drowned child from the bottom.”

A spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee said: "The child fell into the septic tank, which was covered with only a sheet of plywood.”

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The cafe owner said a car had driven over the cover of the sceptic tank a day earlier and broken its top.

She ordered a replacement and in the meantime covered it with thin plywood, said police.

The child’s mother, Natalia Fukina, had left her children with the grandmother while she took a job 600 miles away in Moscow to support her family.

She was informed about the tragedy by police.

The grandmother was “distraught” over the boy’s death and required medical care.

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