Brave woman completes London Marathon despite breaking hip during race

Kim Lappin, 29, said she felt a pain eight miles into the marathon on Sunday but pushed through it.

At 22 miles in, she broke her hip but vowed to continue the race, despite being in agony.

She said: “I was running the London marathon and I started to get some pain at mile eight but I just kept running through it and the pain got worse and worse.

“By mile 22 I put my foot down and I just couldn’t pick it back up.

“The doctor (at the race) said she thought it was a fractured hip because I had no muscle pain.

“I was obviously devastated because I trained since January for it and I was only four miles from the end.

“I had a fear tears but then I remembered there were some crutches at my aunt’s house.”

Kim’s fiancee, Ant, and her friend, Phill, then went to her aunt’s house to fetch the crutches.

Kim, who works as an interior designer, is no stranger to long endurance races – having completed the Milton Keynes marathon – and had hoped to complete an Ultra marathon later this year.

She went under the knife for more than two hours at Westminster and Chelsea hospital to repair the break to her right hip.


She said “About 20 of my friends and family did the last mile with me cheering me on and stuff.

“I was determined to finish it, I applied for eight years in a row for the London marathon and then I finally got a place and then I was devastated because I thought I couldn’t finish it.

“I got medal and then I got straight into a wheelchair and went to St John Ambulance who brought me to Westminster and Chelsea hospital.”

Doctors at Westminster and Chelsea said Kimberly suffered an impact fracture.

Kim, of Northampton, eventually finished the race on crutches, crossing at 8 hours and 44 minutes and walking with crutches the last four miles with her boyfriend and family cheering her on.
She said: “I trained to get three hours and 45 minutes but I ended up getting eight hours 44 minutes.”

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