Brazen couple accused of having sex in middle of busy road

A couple have been filmed allegedly having sex in the middle of a road as onlookers watched on in astonishment.

In a video shot by an onlooker, the woman appeared to have her legs around the man while wearing a long dress as he sit on a concrete barrier.

The couple were seen in the clinch on a pedestrian area between busy lanes of traffic in Mumbai, India, on Thursday.

Hundreds of people looked on at the sight – some snapping photographs or videos – as cars zoomed by metres away in the city’s Marine Drive area at Nariman Point.

The area of the incident was near to the Maharashtra state government headquarters, NDTV reports.

The website said police were called – triggering the couple to stop, adjust their clothes and leave the scene.

The Indian woman, in her 30s, was caught by officers and initially claimed she was from Goa, though there was later uncertainty about this.

But the man, thought to be a foreign national, escaped.

Police were still looking for him, examining CCTV footage, checking hotels and the Foreigners Regional Registration Office.

The video has gone viral in India and been widely reported by the country’s media outlets.

The Times of India said police had not registered any case of indecent behaviour in public.

DCP Manoj Kuma Sharma told the paper: “We don’t know her residential address and trying to search for it.

"As of now she has been sent to the women’s home in Chembur."

The woman claimed the pair were just kissing.

No charged had been laid, it was reported.

Police reportedly believed the woman may have mental health problems.

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