BREAKING: Julian Assange ‘too sick’ to attend court via video link

This comes after it was reported Assange had been moved to the hospital wing of HMP Belmarsh in south-east London.

In a statement yesterday, WikiLeaks claimed Assange was so ill that “it was not possible to conduct a normal conversion with him”, citing his lawyer Per Samuelson.

“He’s in fact far from well,” Assange’s lawyer, Gareth Peirce, said today.

Judge Emma Arbuthnot said: “He’s not very well.”

Tristan Kirk, court reporter for Evening Standard, said Assange’s next hearing could be held at Belmarsh magistrates court, next to the prison, due to his ill health.

The US has requested the extradition of Assange, who was dragged from the Ecuadorean embassy in London on April 11.

He faces a total of 18 criminal counts with decades in prison if convicted.

WikiLeaks yesterday said it had “grave concerns” about Assange’s health and claimed he has lost a lot of weight in prison.


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