Brian Laundrie news – Water bottle 'matching Gabby Petito's found near to where fugitive's remains were discovered'

A WATER bottle said to match the one belonging to Gabby Petito has been found near to where Brian Laundrie’s remains were discovered.

A Nalgene water bottle was discovered this morning close to where bone fragments were found in a Myakkahatcee Park clearing.

It was also near where Chris and Roberta Laundrie found their son’s white bag earlier this week, according to Fox News reporter Michael Ruiz.

A similar-looking water bottle can be seen in the Nomadic Statik YouTube video Gabby Petito posted online in mid-August.

While there has been no official confirmation the water bottle found did belong to Petito, her family's attorney told Ruiz it may have been hers.

Richard Stafford said: "We have a picture that's from before she left for her trip. It looks like the bottle. I don't know why it would be left there. It boggles my mind."

A statement from North Port Police Department spokesman Josh Taylor said: “As far as I know, nothing related to this case has been found. Bunch of false reports. However, this is an FBI led investigation and they should speak to anything such as that located. They may know more.”

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