Brit biker, 46, dies after 60ft fall in Italy – despite surviving drop

British mountain biker, 46, dies of cardiac arrest while being treated after he fell more than 60ft while on holiday in Italy and suffered severe injuries – despite surviving initial drop

  • Unidentified 46-year-old was with a group of friends when he fell off cliff in Italy
  • He survived initial drop, but died after second cardiac arrest during treatment
  • A helicopter was dispatched and took the man to hospital, but he did not survive
  • Brit tour guide in Molini di Triora near Genoa said: ‘The whole town is devastated’
  • Guidebook: ‘Some small jumps, some rocky sections. Don’t miss bath at the end!’

A British mountain biker has died after falling more than 60ft while on holiday in Italy.

The unidentified 46-year-old was with a group of friends when the accident happened early on Friday.

They raised the alarm and a specialist mountain rescue paramedic unit was helicoptered to the scene.

The incident happened in thick woodland at Molini di Triora about 50 miles south west of Genoa and in a national park.

The Brit cyclist survived the initial 60ft fall but suffered two cardiac arrests during treatment

Officials said the man was on a marked trail which leads down to a lake and is described in guides as ‘beautiful, fast one. Some small jumps, some rocky sections, enjoy. Don’t miss the bath at the end!’

A spokesperson for the Liguria Mountain Rescue team that were called in said the man had fallen around 60ft and suffered multiple injuries but had survived the initial drop.

He added: ‘His friends immediately alerted emergency services and a team managed to get there on foot and he was treated at the scene.

‘While being stabilised he suffered a cardiac arrest and for 15 minutes CPR was performed and the team managed to revive him while a helicopter was sent to the scene.’

Pictures released by the rescue services show a team of paramedics at the scene with the man’s concerned friends looking on and a helicopter later flying away from the scene.

The man was taken to hospital at Pietra Ligure where officials said he suffered another cardiac arrest before and he was pronounced dead.

A British tour guide who runs mountain bike trips in the area told Mail Online: ‘It’s a really popular place and we got loads of groups coming over from the UK for tours.

‘The whole town is devastated by this news – the area lives on tourism and especially mountain biking so the whole community will be shattered.

‘Molino has loads of fabulous trails and they come down through the trees and end up back in the village.’

A local said the group had only arrived a few days ago and were due to leave after the weekend.

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