Britain set for lashing rain, hail and strong winds before warm weather returns

Brits are set to be hit by lashing rain, hail and gale force winds before the warmer weather bounces back.

Waves of heavy rain and frequent showers are set to wash over the UK, soaking large swathes of the country as low pressure dominates from the south-west.

Brollies will need to be kept at the ready when wet and windy weather from the Atlantic rolls in at the end of the week putting a dampener on any immediate hopes of a return to more pleasant summer-like conditions.

Forecasters had predicted a 10-day heatwave in May for much of the UK, but unfortunately that now appears unlikely.

The mercury could still rise above average by the middle of next week however, as temperatures bounce back from the coming days.

Downpours will begin tonight spreading north-eastwards across the country, reaching the Midlands and south-east England by dawn, with heaviest falls in the west.

The deluge will continue through the early hours into Friday morning and it will remain cool underneath the cloud cover.

There could even be a covering of early morning frost in the north as temperatures remain in low single figures.

The chill will stay throughout the morning as rain continues to travel northwards with some heavy downpours possible.

The north of England, most of Scotland and Ireland will be drier and brighter as the rain becomes more showery although it will be slow moving and some falls will be locally heavy.

According to the Met Office, some of the showers could fall as hail as we get into the weekend because of colder air.

There’s even the chance of thunderstorms on Saturday for the north of the country, and temperatures will drop to 10C.

A spokesperson for The Weather Channel said: “Sunshine and showers will continue over the next couple of days, some of which may be heavy and thundery.

“Low pressure approaching the south west will then bring more widespread rain on Friday, with further outbreaks of rain over the weekend.

“Temperatures will drop to slightly below normal in a north-westerly wind, with the risk of a scattered grass frost in sheltered places on Thursday and Friday night.”

A spokeswoman for the Met Office added: "On Sunday night and into Monday, 45mm of rain is possible and up to 70mm rain in isolated cases.

"There’s also the chance of gale force winds.

"There could also be the odd snowflake over the Chilterns and temperatures could drop to about 4C."

Warm winds from eastern Europe are set to raise warmth levels by the middle of next week, the Weather Channel says.

Highs should edge slightly above seasonal norms with a continuing cocktail of sunshine and showers instead of days of cloudless skies.

Eleanor Bell, of The Weather Channel, said reports of a 10-day heatwave were probably a bit hopeful.

She added: “I think this is over the top, we are expecting temperatures to rise from the middle of next week but only to average levels maybe slightly above normal for the time of year.

“It will be sunshine and showers with temperatures around 12 to 16C.”

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