Broke man starts GoFundMe to pay off £3,000 debt before he becomes homeless

A couple drowning in debt and facing eviction have started a GoFundMe fundraiser to avoid losing their home.

Archie Jackson and his partner are in £3,000 in debt and are so behind with rent that they are due to be evicted on Monday January 13.

The 34-year-old said the pair have had the “worst year of their lives” which has included a family bereavement and difficulties with mental health.

In a bid to save themselves from the street, Mr Jackson has taken matters into his on hand to raise the cash.

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Mr Jackson, who is a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, describes his current financial situation as an “emergency” on the GoFundMe fundraiser.

He said: ”My name is Archie. Me and my partner are here to ask for help.

“We’ve gone through the worst year of our lives. We got in debt and fell behind with our rent to the point that we’re due to get evicted on January 13.

“We spoke to our landlord and because we owe £3,000 he said the court has set a date and there’s nothing he can do. We both have been struggling with our mental health and my partner has just lost her father in October.

“I’ve recently became a born-again Christian.

“We have two cats and we just want to save our home.

“Please can you help us raise this money because the decision can be overturned if we pay off what we owe.

“Thank you all so much, and God bless you all.”

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Mr Jackson, who was born in Ukraine, told Hull Live he admits to borrowing money has struggled with problems with his car.

The zero-hour-contract worked also said he has a personality disorder and because of his mental health, has been sick for months.

He told HullLive: “Even if 600 people donated £5, that is my target hit or 300 people donate £10.

“To me it is a lot of money when I am borrowing £20 to go shopping and I don’t have money to get basic human needs.

“I am trying to do everything I can to change this, I want to get back to work.”

A spokesman for DWP said: "Mr Jackson’s arrears date from before he claimed benefits.

"Once he made a claim to Universal Credit the jobcentre offered to help pay off Mr Jackson’s arrears, but he turned this down as he wanted to pay all arrears to the landlord himself.

“We have fully supported Mr Jackson while he has claimed Universal Credit and all his payments are up to date.”

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