Bronx Conservative Party endorses John Cummings’ bid for AOC’s seat

A former NYPD cop who is one of numerous Republicans challenging Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received the endorsement of the Bronx Conservative Party this week.

Retired Harbor Unit officer-turned-high school civics teacher John Cummings got the nod from chairman Bill Newmark for his long-shot bid to turn New York’s deeply blue 14th congressional district red.

“This decision was a no-brainer for us,” Newmark said.

“He is a lifelong conservative and is with us on the issues that matter.

“The future of the republic is at stake and our number one priority as Bronx Conservatives is to beat AOC and stop the scourge of socialism that she represents,” Newmark said.

Cummings is also supported by the Bronx County Republican Party.

He leads the pack of five candidates seeking the party’s nomination to take on the Democratic superstar in November 2020 in fundraising, but Ocasio-Cortez still hauled in nearly $500,000 more than all the challengers combined.

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