Buckingham Palace prowler Michael Fagan brands masked crossbow teen 'disgusting' for threatening to kill the Queen

BUCKINGHAM Palace prowler Michael Fagan has branded the masked crossbow teenager who threatened to kill the Queen “disgusting” for trying to hurt a “little old lady”.

The petty crook — who came face-to-face with Her Majesty in her bedroom in 1982 — insisted that the 95-year-old monarch’s security needed to be boosted.

 Jaswant Singh Chail made the threat in a video released before the 19-year-old was held by armed police at Windsor Castle on Christmas Day.

Fagan, now 71, said: “It’s absolutely disgusting. The Queen is just a little old lady these days. She has given her everything for this country and to threaten to kill her is totally out of order.

“Why would someone even think of doing something like that? It’s a disgrace. He’s probably been brainwashed by what he’s read online.

“There is a big difference between what I did and what he planned to do.

“I wanted to have a chat and tell her what was wrong with the country. He wanted to kill her.

 “Her security clearly still isn’t good enough. They are lucky he didn’t get as close as I did.”

Fagan scaled 10ft railings and climbed through an open window at the Palace. Before arrest, he stumbled across The Queen in a bedroom and spoke to her.

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