Builder pushes over a wall and it flips him off his scaffolding

It’s a knockout! Hilarious moment a builder pushes over an old brick wall and it flips him off his scaffolding

  • A builder from Dundee, Scotland, took a tumble when a wall knocked his ladder
  • He was demolishing part of an old house and pushing over the last of the bricks
  • His cousin filmed the tumble in which he flipped off the ladder into the rubble 

A builder was hilariously flipped off a ladder when he pushed a brick wall down and got knocked over by the debris.  

The tradesman from Dundee, Scotland, was demolishing part of an old house when the rubble got the best of him. 

He starts by nudging the wobbly brick wall while standing on a ladder and makes reference to You’ve Been Framed, aware that what he is doing could go terribly wrong.

The builder lightly pushes the brick wall in Dundee, Scotland, but it doesn’t budge at first

He adjusts his position and begins pushing harder and soon bricks begin to drop off at the side

The wall doesn’t budge so he begins to push harder and some bricks fall off the side while his ladder rocks a little. 

As if predicting the future, his cousin, who films the demolition, says: ‘That’s going to come back on you mate.’

The builder, wearing a beanie hat and gloves, moves to the right a little and pushes again, this time with some success as bits from the top of the wall start to drop away. 

As the wall gives way it hits into his scaffolding and knocks him off his feet, flipping him upside down and onto the floor

The builder lands on his hands and knees and clambers to his feet laughing about the hilarious incident 

All of a sudden the wall splits in the middle and the window below gives way and it all quickly crumbles but as it does it just catches the side of the builders ladder and knocks him off his feet. 

He falls sideways and flips upside down before miraculously landing safely on his hands and knees. 

He groans and clambers to his feet and starts walking away, much to the amusement of his cousin watching on. 

The builder’s cousin recorded the comical video on January 23 and it recently reemerged. 

He told ViralHog: ‘I filmed it because I wanted to see the wall coming down. 

‘I found it very funny, everyone else thought it was hilarious.’ 

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