CCTV of ‘dine and dash’ men who reportedly threatened staff with knife

Italian restaurant posts CCTV of ‘dine and dash’ trio who ‘snuck out one by one without paying’ and even ‘threatened staff with a steak knife’

  • Cristian Cojocaru, owner of Broth3rs in Perth says men had two courses and ran
  • One man attacked staff with a steak knife before running off, owner claims
  • Do you know these men? Email zoie.o’[email protected] 

Broth3rs restaurant owner tries to track down diners he says fled without paying their bill

A restaurant owner has turned detective as he tries to hunt down three men he says filled themselves with food and then fled.

Cristian Cojocaru, owner of Broth3rs in Perth, Scotland, also claims one of the men threatened him with a steak knife before running off after his friends, on Wednesday evening.

The owner says the men gorged on steak, soup, beers and vodka at the Italian family-run restaurant and even praised the food as ‘wonderful’.

However, they are now being hunted down by police and Broth3rs’ owner Mr Cojocaru. 

Do you know these men? Restaurant owner attempts to track down diners who he says fled after eating two-courses. One man is accused of threatening staff

The owner described how the men said they would ‘definitely return’ to the restaurant while tucking into their food.

They drank beer and vodka and ate steaks and antipasti, racking up a £108 bill.

However, two of them left the table minutes apart, leaving just one man.

Mr Cojocaru said: ‘He asked me to get him a vodka lemonade and I thought something was happening so I turned back around and I saw him standing up to leave. He ran and I chased him and brought him back to the restaurant.

‘He was very nervous. I called the police and suddenly he grabbed two steak knives from the table and started to try and attack me.

‘I grabbed a chair to defend myself and threw the phone. He tried to attack me three times with the knives. He started shouting at us to let him go and said he would kill us. I think the police must have heard this on the phone.’

The man fled before police arrived. 

Do you know these men? Hunt for trio accused of eating two-courses and running off from family-run restaurant in Perth 

The trio were caught on CCTV which the restaurant owner shared.

The images feature one bald man wearing a long sleeved black top and tan trousers strolling into the restaurant.

He is followed by another two men, a dark-haired man wearing a blue jacket, a black top and denim jeans and the other wearing a black tracksuit top with white stripes, shorts, and a black cap.

The restaurant owner Cristian Cojocaru says one of the men attacked him with a steak knife which was left on the table after the group had four courses and praised food

Several people have already come forward with the same name for one of the men.

Social media users called the men ‘scumbags’ and slammed their brazen behaviour.

Jock Gemmell said: ‘If you know who they are dob them in dirty f*****s, if they need a free meal go to the food banks.’

Social media users were left furious over claims a family-run restaurant was targeted by thieves who dined and then ran

Karen Smith said: ‘That’s awful. Don’t recognise them but will share.’

Liam Oliphant wrote: ‘Seriously what a bunch of scumbags. The guy in the blue is known.’

Three men are accused of eating two courses at a restaurant and failing to pay 

Lucy Jane said: ‘Who in their right minds would do something like that.’

Shockingly some commentators hit out at those naming the men and calling them a ‘grass.’

Jordan Painter said: ‘The amount of grasses in Perth is shocking.’

While Graem Bain added: ‘Full of snakes.’

Jaiah Kelly commented: ‘Check these shaming freaks.’

But Jacqueline Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh hit back: ‘I can’t believe the amount of people saying ‘I can’t believe you grassed them.’

‘In all fairness it’s a hard enough time in this day and age to make a living without walking out without paying. You don’t walk in to Tesco full up a basket and leave.’


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