Charges laid in North Dakota crash that killed Warman, Sask. man

Charges have been laid in the United States after a fatal motorcycle crash in September that left a Warman, Sask., man dead.

Randy Moore, 55, was riding on Highway 85 near Grassy Butte, N.D., when a truck came into his lane and collided with his motorcycle, North Dakota Highway Patrol said.

Witness statements indicate a northbound vehicle crossed the centerline and entered the southbound lane.

Moore lost control when he swerved to miss the truck and was thrown from his motorcycle, according to police. He died at the scene from his injuries.

Footage of the crash was captured on Moore’s helmet camera, as well as the dashcam of a responding state trooper.

Duke Knoll of Platte, S.D., is charged with negligent homicide and driving while suspended.

Police said Moore was travelling with a group of motorcyclists at the time of the crash. They were heading from Regina to Sturgis, S.D.

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