Cheeky toddlers trash home in just five minutes while mum’s back’s turned

A stunned mum faced a three-hour cleanup operation after her two mischievous toddlers thrashed her entire house with flour, pasta, oats and rice in just five minutes.

Hilarious footage captured the moment little Tyler Mawson, three, and Sienna, two, rummage through the pantry and scatter food across the home.

Mum Darcie, 26, had left the tots in the lounge unattended for a matter of minutes while she put a load of laundry in the washing machine.

But the cheeky kids wreaked havoc across the house in Teesdale, Victoria, Australia — leaving their tired mum to spend hours tidying.

Darcie, who is also mum to six-week-old Brinlee, shared the footage on social media last week and has warmed hearts online.

"We were all just hanging out at home and I went to go put a load of laundry on.

"I had only been gone for about five minutes or less. It wasn’t long at all.

"Then as I’m walking back I hear Tyler telling Sienna ‘quick hide, mum’s coming!’.

"I knew they must have been up to some trouble, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw," the stay-at-home parent said.

She added: "They had managed to pull out everything from the pantry. Flour, pasta, oats, barley, herbs and rice – the entire house was just covered in it.

"It was the messiest thing that they’ve ever done. I couldn’t find them, so I walked around the corner and they were hiding.

"They were covered in flour, and they just looked up at me with these hilarious cheeky grins.

"I was exploding with laughter on the inside, but I didn’t want them to think it was funny, so I had to try and act serious and keep a straight face.

"The look on their faces as I walked around the corner and saw them was priceless.

"I told them that what they did was very naughty and that the more time mummy had to clean up the less time I’d have to play with them.

"My partner Rhys couldn’t believe what they had done. It was so funny.

"They’re at that cheeky age and just the best of friends."

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