Cheerleader stabbed to death after reporting 'stalker' to police

A 23-year-old woman was killed in her own home in Australia after she had gone to police about a former colleague allegedly becoming obsessed with her and stalking her. 

Celeste Manno and her mother Aggie were at home in Melbourne when a man came in through a window on Monday at about 4am, attacked the cheerleader and fatally stabbed her. 

Later a car crashed into the police station and a 35-year-old man turned himself in to authorities. 

He is currently in hospital with unspecified injuries, under police guard, but has not been charged yet, the Sunday Morning Herald reported. 

Celeste’s 19-year-old brother, Alessandro, told the media outlet that the alleged stalking started at the beginning of the year. 

The man was a former colleague who ‘got fired and she wasn’t close with him at all but just to give him some support she walked him out the door, and ever since that day he has just been obsessed with her.

‘It started at the start of the year, contacting her on Instagram … At first, she was nice to him and said she was not interested, and then he kept getting obsessive and eventually she had to block him and he created about a million other accounts.’ 

Celeste reported the stalking to the police. 

Crime scene photos show blood dripping down the family’s suburban home where a dark Peugeot was seen driving away after the crime, the same car that crashed into the station. 

‘How could I not protect her?’ the victim’s mother could be heard screaming in anguish, reported.

Family and friends described the young woman as ‘the best of all of us’ who ‘was loved by everyone’. 

Celeste’s father, Tony, said the system had let his daughter down and said ‘it’s got to be changed’ because ‘too many scenarios have already happened’.

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