Chilling Facebook post after man’s pregnant girlfriend found dead in freezer

A man allegedly posed as his girlfriend on social media after murdering her and dumping her body in a freezer.

William James Hernandez, 39, has been charged with the 23-year-old pregnant mum-of-two's murder after a major manhunt in the US.

Selena Ann Bradley’s mother, Christie Skelton, claimed he was using her social media accounts, pretending to be her and reassure her loved ones she was “ok” while she was missing.

“Listen I’m fine,” a Facebook post from Ms Bradley’s account, seen by KTXS says.

“I’m ok, just want to be left tf alone. When I am ready to come back I will. I need to get me and my happiness together.

“I am good where I’m at.”

The post was made on Saturday, the same day Ms Skelton said she spoke to Hernandez and asked him if he had hurt her daughter.

He denied doing anything to Ms Bradley after she went missing from San Angelo, Texas, last Friday, KTXS reported.

Police discovered her body when searching for her boyfriend at his residence and said the cause and manner of death is yet to be determined by an autopsy.

GoFundMe has been set up to help support Ms Bradley’s children and family by her brother.

“She was always just so sweet,” her brother wrote.

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“This money will help the family with funeral and living expenses as well as put something in a trust fund for these children. Please help anything is greatly appreciated.”

San Angelo Police said Hernandez was an early person of interest in the Missing Person Investigation headed up by Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office.

After police searched the San Angelo residence and then found Ms Bradley’s body, detectives obtained information which led them to believe Hernandez was in Abilene, Texas, some 140km away.

Coordinating with the Abilene Police Department, Hernandez was located near a carwash, he evaded police after he “purposefully collided with the apprehension team’s vehicle”.

Hernandez’s unoccupied vehicle was then discovered in Jones County, roughly 45km from Abilene, he managed to elude police until he walked by an officer with the Hamlin Police Department.

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