Chilling footage shows huge great white shark swimming just moments away from oblivious beachgoers

The clip shows the huge predator gliding through the sea – just yards away from oblivious swimmers.

It was spotted by a drone pilot off the iconic Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay this morning.

The stunning tourist spot is home to large numbers of sharks, with previous sightings leading to people being told by officials to get out of the water.

But there was no evacuation on this occasion.

Christopher Joye, who filmed the dramatic moment, said he'd spotted over six great whites near Hyams Beach in the last week.

He told the Mirror: "Swimmers would not believe there was a large great white shark about 20 metres from them.

"I was piloting the drone at about 600m and sent folks to warn them."

However, Joye said sharks are quite common in this part of Australia.

He added: "This is a great white shark breeding ground and probably one of the most shark infested beaches in the world.

"I spotted two other sharks near the beach on the same flight I saw the big great white."

Shark attacks on humans are rare and tend to happen less than 100 metres from the shore.

Official advice suggests beach-goers should avoid swimming at dawn and dusk, when sharks are more likely to be hunting; avoid swimming at river mouths or in murky, discoloured waters; and avoid swimming in or around schools of baitfish.




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