Clueless driver drags his family DOG behind his car in city centre

Clueless driver drags his family DOG behind his car in city centre after ‘failing to notice that his father had left it tied to the rear bumper’

  • Footage shows a husky being dragged behind a minivan on road in China
  • Driver said he didn’t notice the dog was tied to the car before driving away
  • He took the pooch to a vet for treatment after being stopped by onlookers
  • The husky was found to have multiple scratches on its back and limbs 

An oblivious driver was filmed dragging his pet dog behind his minivan in China.

The driver claimed he did not notice that his father had tied the family pet to the car for a rest before he drove away.

The dog, an Alaskan Malamute called ‘Dudu’, was found to sustain multiple scratches on its back and ankles after the incident. It was taken to a vet for treatment.

Dashcam footage from another car shows the husky being dragged behind the van in China (above). The van driver claimed he was not aware of the situation until onlookers stop his car

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Footage taken by onlookers in Jiaozuo, Henan Province, showed a black minivan dragging a husky on a quiet road on June 27.

‘Dudu’ can be seen lying on the ground and appearing lifeless as it was being dragged.

According to Shanghai Morning Post, the unnamed driver was stopped by onlookers and was informed of the situation.

He got off the minivan and brought the dog back in his car and drove it to a nearby veterinary clinic.

‘Dudu’ was found to have suffered multiple scratches on its back and limbs.

The driver has posted a video showing the dog receiving treatment on its wounds (left). The clip also shows the man feeding food to the pet which belongs to his father (right)

The driver said he did not know his father had tied the dog to the back of the van 

The driver claimed he did not noticed his father had attached Dudu to the van and put the dog under the van, so it could stay cool. 

‘I really didn’t intend to do it,’ he said.

The footage was uploaded on Chinese social media and has raised concerns of alleged dog abuse. 

Afterwards, the driver posted a video to show Dudu’s recovery.

In the video, he called the dog’s name and fed it food.

He told the audience: ‘See, Dudu’s receiving treatment at the clinic now. Don’t worry!’

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