Coca-Cola issues health warning to customers about packaging

Coca-Cola issues health warning to Tesco and Asda customers that Coke bottles were mistakenly made with sharp and uneven lids that could cut skin

  •  The ring securing the lid to the bottle has been manufactured incorrectly 
  •  Coca-cola stresses that there is nothing wrong with the drink itself 
  •  Coca-cola has issued a safety warning but not a product recall so check batch

Coca-Cola has issued a safety warning for several batches of its 1.5 litre bottle original Coca-cola over fears that the packaging is unsafe.  

A safety warning is different from a recall because the manufacturers aren’t removing the product from supermarket shelves. 

The bottleneck rings on some batches have mistakenly been made with a sharp and uneven rim edge, according to the Sun newspaper. 

The soft-drink manufacturers are concerned that customers could cut themselves on the edges when opening or closing the bottles.

A 1.5 litre bottle of original coca-cola. The company has issued a safety warning over the packaging but has not recalled the product. Check your bottle’s batch code before opening

Coca-cola have reassured customers that there is nothing wrong with the drink itself, just its outer packaging.   

The family-sized bottles are sold in most supermarkets nationwide for around £2 each.

The affected bottles have a best before date of September 30 2020 and one of eight batch codes, which you can find printed just below the neck of the bottle.

Which Coca-Cola batch codes should you look out for?

Batch codes of the recalled 1.5 litre bottles: 









If you have bought a 1.5 litre bottle of coca cola recently, you should check the bottle’s batch code which you can find on the neck of the bottle just beneath the lid before you attempt to open it. 

If there is damage to the ring securing the lid to the bottle, customers are advised to open it without touching the ring. 

This can be done by placing one hand on the cap and the other on the bottle neck.

In a statement on the Food Standard Agency website, Coca-Cola said: ‘The safety and quality of our products is of paramount importance to us and we do all we can to ensure they reach people in perfect condition.

‘We are sorry that on this occasion a small number of our products have not met our required standards.’

Customers who aren’t able to open their bottle of Coca-Cola safely can call the customer service team on 0800 227711 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.  

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