Collector with 23,000 milk bottles spent lockdown cleaning them all, one by one

A COLLECTOR who has 23,000 milk bottles used lockdown to clean them all, one by one.

Steve Wheeler, 72, amassed the glass ­empties from around the world over 40 years.

He spent five weeks scrubbing his pints — rinsing an average of 657 per day at a rate of 82 an hour in eight-hour shifts.

Steve of Malvern, Worcs, said: “I just got bored. I thought it would be a good opportunity to clean them.

“I washed each one in a bowl of water and put it on the side to drain, and popped it back in place.

“They’re all sparkling now.”

Steve is in the Dull Men’s Club, whose 5,000 UK members include a drain spotter, brick collector and telegraph pole enthusiast.

The ex-businessman said he would never part from his collection — which weighs 16 tons and is kept in his 120ft shed.

He said: “My wife complains I spend more time looking after the bottles than I do her.”

Ironically, Steve doesn’t like milk.

He said: “It makes my stomach churn. The thought of drinking the stuff is abhorrent.”

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