Cops race to save screaming child – only to find a trapped goat

Canadian cops racing to save a child in distress found a very different kind of screaming kid — a goat with its head trapped in a fence.

Ottawa police had dispatched officers to a woodland late last month after an alarming emergency call reporting a child crying out for help.

“Officers searched in the dark but didn’t hear anything, nor did they find a child in distress,” the force said in a statement Monday.

A woman in a nearby house told officers that her three children were safe and accounted for — but her husband noted that they were missing a goat.

“When he checked, he found the animal with its head stuck in the fence,” the cops revealed.

“The farmer said the sound could be mistaken for a child screaming,” the force added, confirming the goat was trapped “exactly where the complainant reported the sound coming from.”

The police called it a case of “four-legged kid has baaaad day.”

“All kidding aside, police are reminding residents to report suspicious activity immediately so we can check it out,” the force said, noting that such calls never get their goat.

“It’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

Late last year, cops in Florida rushed to house after neighbors reported hearing a woman screaming inside — only to find a green parrot named Rambo that had been taught to say “Help! Help!” and “Let me out!”

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