Couple trapped inside Currys PC World store after staff locked up while they played Xbox game

A TEENAGE couple got trapped inside a Currys PC World store after staff locked up while they were engrossed in an Xbox game.

Nathan Bamping, 19, and girlfriend Olivia Johnson, 18, were stuck inside the branch for 40 minutes because workers failed to notice them as they left at closing time.

The pair had popped in to do some last-minute Christmas shopping and decided to try out the cutting-edge F1 2020 racing sim on Xbox Series X.

They became so addicted that by the time they finished playing, nearly an hour had gone by – and the shop had closed.

Data analyst Nathan said: “We’d only intended to have a quick go, but it’s so addictive that we spent ages racing each other.

“When we finally got up we found all the doors were closed, the shutters were locked and the staff had gone.

“As we walked around looking for an exit, we were triggering all these alarms. I tried to call a Currys helpline but couldn’t get through. I rang my mum in a panic, but she didn’t know what to do either.

“We started to wonder if we might be stuck in there for Christmas. It was like Home Alone, but set in a Currys store.

“It was quite scary at the time, but in hindsight it’s actually quite hilarious.”

He added: “They’ve got all the latest TVs and video games in there, so if we’d been stuck over night, at least we’d have had plenty of entertainment options.”

The couple were rescued from the store in White City, Manchester, 40 minutes later by a manager who was alerted to the alarms as he was on his way home for the evening.

Nathan and office worker Olivia had been enjoying a display console in a covered gaming area.

Despite getting locked in, they enjoyed the game so much they later went back and ordered an Xbox Series X.

A spokesman for Currys PC World said they would send them a free extra controller to apologise.

The spokesman said: “Our stores are designed to be palaces of discovery where customers can demo and interact with amazing tech.

“As part of our end-of-day store closing process our colleagues check for any remaining customers before locking up. In this instance, our usual stringent processes fell short and we missed two customers who were in a covered gaming simulation.

“We have apologised to the customers and as a gesture of goodwill, we've offered a free controller to go with the console they have ordered from us.”

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