Covid 19 coronavirus: Mangere bakery warned about lax level 3 rules

A bakery that misinterpreted the level 3 rules has been reminded by police about how to operate during Auckland’s lockdown.

Auckland man Peter contacted the Herald concerned at the practice of Pon Mean Jaye bakery on Tidal Rd on the border of Papatoetoe and Mangere.

He claimed the bakery had been operating a “one-in, one-out” rule all week, which goes against current Ministry of Health guidelines for businesses in level 3.

Annoyed it was still happening yesterday, Peter videoed himself walk into the bakery and bought a sandwich using Eftpos.

The bakery manager admitted to the Herald they had been operating that way and that they had been visited by police yesterday, however said they had now stopped customers from entering their shop.

Police confirmed they were sent to a Tidal Rd business where they reminded staff not to let customers in as per the Government guidelines.

Peter said it was frustrating to see businesses flout the rules when he and his employer were doing all they could to keep themselves and the country safe.

“I got through to someone on [police] 105 yesterday and they sent a squad car out. I spoke to someone really good on the 105 hotline and they said yep, they’re not meant to be doing that.

“We all noted you could just go in there and there were people lining up outside, they were operating a one in out policy, and good on them, but you’re not meant to have people inside the actual store.”

Peter said before complaining he checked the Government’s Covid-19 website which states only supermarkets, dairies, petrol stations, greengrocers, butchers and fishmongers were allowed to operate like that, but not bakeries.

“They had a table set up at the door with sanitiser on it but it wasn’t a table stopping you coming in, it was more of a table to allow you to come in this way and go out that way.”

“At one point there were about seven people lined up outside … there wasn’t any distancing or anything like that. My concern is where we’re located, it’s on the edge of Mangere/Papatoetoe, so it’s an at-risk area and everyone else is following the rules and this gets you a bit angry, I guess.

He was pleased to see a table across the front door this morning for contactless service.

The bakery owner said they were letting people in one at a time up until yesterday, but had since changed their practice.

A police spokesperson said the premises was visited by officers yesterday, who reminded them they were not allowed to have customers inside.

“We encourage anyone with concerns around breaches of level 3 restrictions to contact police on 105, or complete a breach notification report online at”

MBIE and the Ministry of Health have been approached for comment.

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