Covid-stricken girl, 13, dies of multiple organ failure after suffering stomach cramps and no other symptoms

A SCHOOLGIRL has died of Covid-19 despite displaying no symptoms commonly linked with the virus.

Ana Clara Macedo dos Santos, 13, from Campinas south east Brazil was admitted to hospital with agonising stomach cramps — within hours her organs failed and she died. 

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Ana had not displayed any other symptoms typically associated with Covid-19, such as shortness of breath or lack of sense of taste or smell.

Her father, 50-year-old bus driver Paulo Cesar dos Santos, told local media his daughter had been in pain in the days leading up to her hospital admission.

He said: "We thought she was having menstrual cramps. But as the pains got worse, we decided to take her to the hospital."

After her admission, doctors suspected she was suffering from gallbladder stones. 

But her condition quickly worsened and she had to be sedated and intubated in intensive care.

She suffered multiple organ failure and died shortly after. 

Doctors ruled she died from paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome (PIMS) resulting from Covid-19.

Ana's parents are baffled as to how she contracted the virus, as she had largely been stuck at home.

I am a bus driver and her mother works at a hospital reception, we could also have passed the virus on to her

Dad Paulo told local media: "They are saying she got infected at school, but that cannot be confirmed. 

“She went to class just once, a fortnight before being admitted.

"As I am a bus driver and her mother works at a hospital reception, we could also have passed the virus on to her."

Ana's father revealed the teen was a deft hand in the kitchen and had even thought about becoming a chef a few times. 

She was also committed to the evangelical church the family attends.

PIMS is a rare illness that can lead to shock and organ failure. It has proved fatal in less than two percent of reported cases.

Brazil’s death toll — now close to 260,000 — has been exacerbated by a slow Covid jab rollout, despite Brazil seeing 10.7million cases, to date.

It comes amid fears the Covid outbreak in the South American country risks spawning even deadly strains that "could force the world back into lockdown" despite jabs, warns an expert.

Neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis has slammed Brazil as a "virus breeding ground" after its coronavirus death toll smashed records for the second straight day with 1,910 fatalities in 24 hours.

The expert, a professor at Duke University, Durham in North Carolina, US, told The Guardian: “The world must vehemently speak out over the risks Brazil is posing to the fight against the pandemic."

He revealed his fears despite a massive rollout of jabs in the UK and America, asking, "what’s the point in sorting the pandemic out in Europe or the US, if Brazil continues to be a breeding ground for this virus?

“If you allow the virus to proliferate at the levels it is currently proliferating here, you open the door to the occurrence of new mutations and the appearance of even more lethal variants.

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