Cuomo issues statewide work-from-home order to fight coronavirus outbreak

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday ordered all businesses in the state to instruct at least half of their employees to work from home to help offset the spread of the coronavirus.

“I’m asking all businesses to work from home,” Cuomo said during a press briefing. “Today we are announcing a mandatory statewide requirement that no business can have more than 50 percent of their workforce report to work outside their home.”

The governor also asked all local governments in the state to keep half their staffers at home.

“Essential personnel, yes,” he said. “But no more than 50 percent of city, local governments.”

“Society has to function,” Cuomo said. “People stay at home, people still need to be able to order food, et cetera. They need to be able to shop. So they need to keep those essential services running.”

The announcement comes as Cuomo reported that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state had spiked to 2,382 on Wednesday.

“I understand that this is a burden to businesses,” he said. “I get it. I understand the impact on the economy. But in truth, we’re past that point as a nation. There is going to be an impact on the economy.”

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