Cuomo’s agenda is going to cost New Yorkers big time

Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered something for everyone in his combined State of the State and budget address Tuesday — leaving little clue about his real priorities.

Yes, he singled out four “cost” issues: education, health care, the MTA/infrastructure and the economy. But he also made sure to slam President Trump and push every progressive button — while also again boasting of his (supposed) fiscal responsibility.

One bit we genuinely like: He’d make his 2 percent cap on property-tax hikes permanent. In a state with some of the nation’s highest property taxes, that was vital even before Washington limited the state- and local-tax deduction; now, as the gov noted, it makes even more sense.

Then again, he also “called for” trims to middle-class income taxes — but he was talking about cuts already passed in 2016.

Meanwhile, he aims to again extend the “millionaire’s tax,” first imposed after the financial collapse and meant to expire in 2011, for yet another five years.

In all, Cuomo offered little fiscal austerity, though revenues have slowed and the state faces billion-dollar gaps down the road. His $178.8 billion financial plan claims to hold spending growth to 2 percent, but beware of accounting tricks that mask larger upticks.

And he’s open about wanting to boost some spending, like school aid, by as much as 3.6 percent, when New York already shells out more per student than any other state — on schools ranked average at best.

More: Cuomo would dump billions more into public projects and economic development, though such schemes have led to more scandal than economic development.

In that light: Despite endless scandals, he offered no tougher ethics rules for state officials. Instead, he wants welfare for politicians: taxpayer matching funds for campaign donations at the rate of 6 to 1.

The progressive feast includes: legalized pot, the end of cash bail, passage of a state Dream Act, tougher rent laws and more “protection” for labor unions. The gov says the state is “liberated” because Democrats now control both houses of the Legislature. Watch out: He’s probably right.

Cuomo utterly mushed out in his close, telling a laundry list of groups that “New York loves you.” Put up a “Hate has no home here” sign by the Governor’s Mansion — and hold on to your wallet.

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