Cyclist gets punched in the face by thug as he tries to stop him taking bike

A hooded thug punched a cyclist in the face while attempting to take the man’s bike from out of his hands.

In footage, the cyclist desperately clings on to his bike as he is kicked and punched in the vicious attack.

A woman is filming on the phone and is shouting at the thieves in a foreign language as she tries to shame them.

A man in a business suit also tries to separate the pair, but he explains to the cyclist later, that as he had arrived late he wasn’t sure who actually owned the bike.

The brutal incident took place on Oxford Road, Manchester as the pair wrestled over the red, silver and black bike.

The yob appears to be with two other men, all of who are dressed entirely in black and scraves pulled up high to hide their faces.

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The trio fled on a set of bikes they appear to have brought with them.

Mirror Online has contacted Greater Manchester Police for further details.

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