Dad of Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright dies aged 84 after being denied chance to confront evil son over killing spree

THE dad of Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright has died after being denied a chance to confront him about the killings.

Conrad Wright, 84, was shunned by his son, 62, after the serial killer was jailed for life in 2008.

The beast was found guilty of killing five prostitutes during a ten-day rampage in Ipswich in December 2006 in which he dumped their naked bodies in streams and caused widespread terror.

Conrad died aged 84 on January 18 after suffering two heart attacks in the last few months.

He had been isolating during lockdown but wanted to speak to his son about the murders to find peace before he died.

Conrad, of Felixstowe, Suffolk, confided in a pal before his death that he was "desperate" to speak to his son about why he went on the killing spree.

He said: "I want to finally speak to him about what happened. I want to confront him. I just want answers.

"He's written us out of his life – which means he must have a guilty conscience. If he was innocent, he would have made contact. He'd want to say he was innocent.

"About six years ago I threw out all the things I had around that were to do with Steve. But I'd still like to speak to him. I've tried but it's all been refused."

Mr Wright said he had come to terms with the fact he will probably die without speaking to his killer son – however painful that feels.

The retired RAF corporal said in 2015 that he felt "sort of responsible" as he "brought the boy onto the earth".

He said: "You feel sort of responsible in a way – you brought the boy on to the Earth – and if it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t have been there, and if he weren’t here, they wouldn’t be killed, would they?”

He told the pal his son was a "Jekyll and Hyde character".

The former RAF pilot always believed his twisted son had an accomplice to murder five women.

He even visited the sites where the murders took place, and claims it would have been impossible for the killer to have committed the slayings alone.

Wright was given a full-life term following his conviction.

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