Danny Pearl’s killer won’t walk — yet, anyway

Pakistan’s Supreme Court made the right call last week, ensuring that one of the killers of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl won’t walk free — at least not for now.

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheik’s been on death row since 2002 for orchestrating the kidnapping and beheading of Pearl. But a local court this year ruled he’s only guilty of the lesser charge of kidnapping and re-sentenced him to seven years, which would spring him now.

Pearl’s family appealed the decision, and the high court has now agreed to delay any release while it considers the arguments, which will take months.

On Jan. 23, 2002, Saeed lured Danny Pearl into a trap in Karachi with a promise of info on “shoebomber” Richard Reid’s links to militants there. Days later, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed videotaped his gruesome murder of the reporter.

Saeed’s defense lawyer, Mahmood Shaikh, told The Associated Press that his “client cannot be kept in jail for an indefinite period.” He’s right — Saeed should be kept in jail for a definite period: the rest of his life.

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