De Blasio warns NYC won’t completely reopen until September and accuses Trump of ‘stabbing his hometown in the back’ – The Sun

NEW York City won't completely reopen until September Mayor Bill de Blasio has warned, as America's coronavirus epicenter struggles to get back on its feet.

The mayor also slammed President Trump as a "hypocrite" who "seems to enjoy stabbing his hometown in the back".

In his Tuesday morning speech, de Blasio addressed comments Trump had made that sending funds to blue states would be unfair to Republicans.

“Who cares who run the states?” de Blasio countered. “The people need help. They’re Americans who need help right now.

“Do you not care about that firefighter, that EMT, that paramedic, that police officer, that health care worker because they live in a state run by a Democrat or a city run by a Democrat?” he continued.

“Does that make them less American in your view, Mr President?”

He added: "In a crisis, a leader is supposed to bring us together."

New Yorkers rushed to the state's parks over the weekend, many without masks, leaving one ER doctor calling their actions "a slap in the face".

According to New York state government: "Any concentration of individuals outside their home must be limited to workers providing essential services and social distancing should be practiced," while individuals should remain at least six feet apart.

It's also required time outside the home should be limited, and any outdoor activities should be "non-contact".

But on Saturday, the hottest day in New York since March 20, city-dwellers fled their homes and congregated in green spaces, with flocks heading to Central Park.

A New York ER doctor took to Twitter and slammed sunbathers in the park.

Cleavon Gilman tweeted: "16,000 New Yorkers dead in 8 weeks! This is a SLAP in the face to healthcare providers nationwide risking their lives and dying on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I’m in Central Park right now and it’s business as usual."

On Monday Cuomo said during his press conference  that not wearing a mask amid the pandemic is "disrespectful."

"It is disrespectful of people not to wear masks," he said.

"The least gratitude you can show is at least wear the mask so you don't infect more people who place more of a burden on the hospitals."

The governor said that he believes local governments should begin sanctioning individuals who are not wearing a mask in public.

"You could literally kill someone because you didn't want to wear a mask," Cuomo said.

Speaking of the state's reopening, Cuomo said that it has to be "more nuanced, you have to be more careful."

"It's not going to happen state-wide," he said.

"And rather than wait for the whole state to be ready, reopen on a regional basis."

The governor also hinted that it's going to a "long time" until New York City is open for business again.

Across the US, states are beginning to reopen, with California being the latest to start lifting restrictions.

During a Monday news conference, the governor said he would release guidelines for stores selling clothing, book, music, toys, sporting goods and flowers.

If they abide by government policies, they are permitted to reopen.

In counties where local public health officials can certify the spread of the virus is under control, restaurants and other parts of the hospitality sector would be permitted to open their doors.

Businesses in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina and Colorado have already begun trading again.

However coronavirus deaths in Georgia, one of the states with the most lax restrictions, have soared.

"If upstate has to wait for downstate to be ready, they're going to be waiting a long time. So, analyze the situation on a regional basis."

Cuomo then put a chart on the screen, showing where each region in the state currently stands.

The chart shows that no region currently has met all seven of the metric points to reopen.

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