Dog owner shares gruesome photos after dachshund mauled to death by Staffy

A pet owner has shared pictures from the aftermath of a dog attack that saw her beloved dachshund mauled to death.

Kashila Chintamunnee was walking her dog, Coco, on Wednesday morning in a park in Pakenham, near Melbourne, Australia.

Her dog got into a fight with another dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, which saw the smaller dog torn to pieces.

Horrifying Images posted on Facebook show Kashila covered in her dog's blood and with bite marks up her own arm from trying to save her dog.

She also posted images of the Staffy's owner, who reportedly claims that she was not to blame.

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Kashila wrote under the pictures: "Hi girls does anybody know this lady from Pakenham area, her dog mauled my dog to death today at 11am and walked away.

"The little photo of the black dachshund laying down underneath the blanket is my poor little Coco."

She told the Cranbourne Leader: "My father opened our gate and Coco ran outside and had a sniff of the other dog and he started mauling my dog.

"The dog had bitten too deep into Coco's main vessel as he had lost that much blood — I was drenched in his blood that's how much there was."

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But the Staffy's owner, Claudia Harrison, claims this isn't the whole story.

She told Daily Mail Australia she had been taking her dog for a walk with her six-year-old son when three dogs approached them.

"There's a sign saying dogs are supposed to be on leads, but all of a sudden I heard dogs barking from behind," she said.

"The other smaller dogs were coming on to my dog and they kept snapping him, that's when he got hold of one of them and I couldn't get him off.

"There was no one in sight, I tried to take the dog off."

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Claudia said the owners had told her their dog had escaped when they opened the garage door.

She denied walking away but said she had to get her son home.

"I feel sorry, but at the same time I didn't know what I was supposed to do, how am I supposed to protect my son and my dog?" she said.

Yesterday, Daily Star Online reported that dog attacks had hit a record high in the UK after more than 8,500 people were hospitalised in the past year.

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