Donald Trump Associate Stephen Miller Gets Flipped Off By Bartender, Reportedly Throws Out $80 Worth Of Sushi

He’s the latest Trump associate to be confronted in public about his ties to the Trump administration.

Donald Trump adviser Stephen Miller reportedly got so enraged at a bartender who gave him the one-fingered salute that he (Miller) threw away $80 of sushi, Vanity Fair is reporting. Miller had already paid for the sushi.

Miller, an unofficial Trump adviser and allegedly the mastermind behind the immigration policy that has resulted in children being separated from their parents, reportedly went to a sushi place near his D.C. apartment and ordered an expensive plate of the Japanese treat to go. Order in hand, Miller began walking back to his home.

A bartender followed Miller out of the sushi place and, according to Business Insider, started shouting “Stephen!” to get his attention. Once the bartender had Miller’s attention, he let loose with a slew of expletives, all the while “saluting” the Trump adviser with both hands.

Miller allegedly responded by throwing his $80 plate of sushi – which he had already paid for – in the trash.

Vanity Fair writer Hilary Weaver claims that Miller then told his co-workers about the incident, although what he supposedly said is not clear. Further, neither of two other sources reporting this story – Talking Points Memo and Business Insider – mention anything about Miller talking about the incident afterward. Nor does Weaver offer any evidence to back up her claim.

Miller is just the latest in a long and ever-growing list of incidents in which Trump administration officials have been confronted in public. In fact, The Washington Post has an ongoing and continually-updated column devoted to the subject.

In the most recent case, a customer at a bookstore confronted former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon at a Washington-area bookstore. A fellow customer called Bannon “trash,” resulting in the bookstore owner calling the cops, according to CNN.

And in what may be the most well-publicized of these incidents, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was famously asked to leave Virginia restaurant Red Hen after the owner refused to serve her on “moral grounds.”

One way in which all of these other incidents differ from the Steven Miller incident is the way in which the confronted Trump officials reacted. Sanders and Bannon, for example, simply left where they were without further incident. And Kellyanne Conway, when told in a Washington-area grocery store that she should be ashamed of herself and told to look in the mirror, clapped back with some attitude of her own, telling the customer that the mirrors were in a different aisle.

Miller, on the other hand, responded in a way that Weaver describes as “petty and churlish.”

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