Donald Trump congratulates himself for his 'talent' in dealing with coronavirus

Donald Trump has declared that his ‘talent’ is helping America win the war on the deadly coronavirus.

Speaking outside the White House as he declared a national emergency and released $50billion in funding, the president heaped praise on his decision to ban travel between the US and most of Europe for 30 days starting from Friday.

Trump highlighted how Europe had become a ‘hotspot’ for coronavirus, with the continent now experiencing more diagnoses daily than China at the height of the first outbreak, and trumpeted his flight ban.

He continued: ‘We closed that border a while ago.

‘Through talent or luck, call it whatever you want…we will overcome the threat of the virus.’

Trump’s self-congratulation came amid weeks of fierce criticism over his mishandling of the outbreak. Almost 1,900 people had tested positive for coronavirus across the US by Friday afternoon across 46 states, with 41 people killed by Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

He initially claimed rival Democrats were whipping up the crisis in a bid to destabilize his reelection bid this summer, then told Americans that the crisis would ‘go away’ if they just remained ‘calm.’

His Wednesday night address to the nation – which saw the travel ban declared – was later named ‘the most expensive speech in history’ after being blamed for a stock market plunge the next day.

Trump’s ban has also sparked fears that multiple airlines could face going bust, with Delta cutting its schedule by 40% on Friday and cancelling even more flights than in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks.

On Friday, the president also announced that five million coronavirus tests would be available by April, amid anger that it took the US so long to begin testing properly.

People with symptoms will be able to undergo a drive-thru test at Walmart parking lots across the US.

Trump also announced plans to bar most visitors from nursing homes in a bid to protect the elderly, who are more likely to be killed by coronavirus.

He said: ‘We will turn a corner on this virus. Some of the doctors say it will wash through, it will flow through.

‘In a few weeks I think you’ll find that to be very accurate.’

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