Don’t feed election hysteria and other commentary

Law profs: Don’t Feed Elex Hysteria

“Some problems will inevitably arise on November 3,” note Richard H. Pildes and Richard L. Hasen at, so “hyper-vigilant voters and the media must be careful not to undermine our elections by giving excessive play to typical, Election Day problems or hastily spreading viral posts before the facts are verified.” Polarization ups the odds “that minor issues will be blown out of proportion and cast in sinister terms, especially on social media.” Everyone, please “take everything you see or hear with a grain of salt until it is fully vetted, and keep a balanced perspective on the problems that do emerge.” Anything that creates “the impression of pervasive chaos” could “end up depressing turnout.”

Ex-Prosecutor: The Bidens’ Biz With China Spies

“If you open your eyes, you may find out that the Bidens were selling themselves to an actual Chinese intelligence operation,” Andrew C. McCarthy explains at National Review. The “corrupt Chinese businessmen” Hunter and Jim Biden dealt with “not only had a record of buying political influence, not only were known to have high-level ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the regime, but also were clandestine agents of China — at least, that’s what the FBI and Justice Department seem to have told the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.” Hunter even agreed to look into US government investigations of his partners at Shanghai-based CEFC, which was an “instrument of the Communist regime.” Justice got a FISA warrant to surveil “Chi Ping Patrick Ho, one of CEFC’s heavyweights” — whom Hunter apparently called “the f- – – ing spy chief of China” in a recording found on that infamous laptop.

From the right: Kamala-as-President Nightmare

“Kamala Harris is a radical with anti-America positions,” warns Julie Strauss Levin at The Tennessee Star — and “the Biden Family Scandal” might boost her into the top job. It “raises extremely serious questions” about whether the Bidens violated laws and “compromised national security.” If “Biden-Harris wins,” expect “Kamala, Bernie Sanders, AOC” and others to “tell Joe to step down” — “for the good of the party.” As president, Harris would be a “disaster” thanks to her “ambitious” goals on the economy, Middle East, Green New Deal, defunding the police and other areas.

Election journal: Harris Shows Marxist Streak

Kamala Harris’ new video on the “difference between equality and equity” openly flaunts her Marxist tendencies, reports Ira Stoll at The New York Sun. She “suggests the government should somehow make sure we all end up at the same level of achievement, wealth or post-tax, post-transfer income.” It could be a late bid to win over far-left voters, but Joe Biden’s endorsement of the video means the socialist messages come “from the Democratic candidate at the top of the ticket.” In a Biden administration, “the people defining what’s ‘fair’ in deciding who gets to keep what won’t be the people who earned the money or who have it now.” Harris may call this “giving people the resources and the support they need,” but it comes down to “less about giving than about taking.”

Media watch: The ‘Anonymous’ Letdown

No “story better exemplifies the core problem with the media’s anti-Trump instincts” than “the saga of ‘Anonymous,’ ” writes Steve Krakauer at The Hill. The New York Times described the author of the September 2018 column as a “senior official inside the Trump administration.” The piece “detailed the work” of insiders “to undermine President Trump’s agenda”; major-media guesses on the writer’s ID ranged from Kellyanne Conway to Mike Pence. But now, “the big reveal”: It was Miles Taylor, then deputy chief of staff to the director of Homeland Security — no “senior” official. Taylor had denied being Anonymous on CNN — which later gave him a contract and is keeping him on despite his on-air lie. It all shows “the extreme lengths to which the press — whose job it is to serve and report the truth” — “has gone in abandoning its principles in the service of its perceived existential fight with the guy in the White House.”

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