Dramatic moment blood-soaked killer arrested by Taser cop after 'almost decapitating' victim in horrific knife attack

It showed PC Richard Edge approached killer Martin McDermott with a Taser in Burdett Lodge bail hostel in Derby last August.

McDermott, whose hands are soaked red, had just stabbed Leslie Salmon, 44, in the neck before stamping on his head 20 times.

The Detective Inspector leading the officers who arrested him at the time said it was "the most gruesome investigation I have led".

With his Taser pointed at the killer, Edge is seen inching towards McDermott yelling: "Stand down, taser officer, stand still!

"If you make any threats I will taser you, turn around, turn around. Put your hands on the shed."

When he asks callous McDermott whether he understands, he coldly replies: "Yes, I understand."

The video ends with Edge's partner cuffing the blood-soaked murderer and putting him on the floor.

McDermott of Bass Street, Derby, was jailed for life with a minimum term of 25 years at Nottingham Crown Court in February.

Detective Inspector Gemma Booth, who was directing officers that day, said he attacked Salmon in a "frenzied and sustained assault".

She also said McDermott punched the air in delight when cops told him the victim had died, Derbyshire Live reported.

DI booth added: "It was the most gruesome and easily the most horrible investigation I have led.

"This was a brutal and sustained, frenzied assault by a man with little or no motive for carrying it out.

"The lack of remorse McDermott showed when we arrested him was simply shocking.

"When he was first arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at the scene he shouted 'wahey'.

"Later the same day when he was told Mr Salmon had died, he punched his fists in the air."

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