Driver in deadly bus crash may have been making illegal turn

The driver of the school bus that collided with a dump truck in New Jersey on Thursday may have been trying to make an illegal U-turn, law enforcement officials say.

The bus was traveling along Route 80 near Exit 25 in Stanhope when the driver, who has not yet been identified, missed his turn, cops said. The driver then tried to get over to an emergency area so that he could spin around and go back. As he was turning, the dump truck crashed into the vehicle, ripping the undercarriage clean off the bus as it came to rest on its side in the roadway’s median, photos show.

A teacher and a fifth-grade student were killed in the crash.

The bus was traveling from East Brook Middle School in Paramus to Waterloo Village, a historic site in Byram, NJ, for a field trip.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident, federal officials said.

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