Driver is wedged between two walls when they attempt tricky manoeuvre

In a tight spot! Unlucky driver gets wedged between two walls when they attempt a tricky manoeuvre in a car park

  • A motorist gets trapped between two walls in a car park believed to be in China
  • After entering the garage and going over a ramp, the driver tries to turn right
  • But as they reverse to get better angle vehicle becomes stuck between two walls

This is the hilarious moment a car gets wedged between two walls when its driver attempts a tricky manoeuvre in a car park. 

The unlucky driver was performing a difficult turn when their vehicle became stuck across the approach to a multi-storey building. 

In the clip, believed to be filmed in China, the motorist attempts to make a sharp right turn in the narrow entrance of a parking garage.

The driver managed to mimic Austin Powers in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery when Mike Myers’ character also got wedged between two walls 

The driver pulls forward, following arrows to the right, before quickly reversing backwards when the car would not fit around the tight angle.

But when attempting to get into a better position to make the corner – the car rushes backwards and spins to face the other direction.

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The back of the out-of-control car then knocks the wall just ahead of the entrance as its nose touches the opposite wall.

It then appears the Toyota is stuck in place between the two walls.

The white Toyota tried to turn right after entering the car park but was at too tight an angle to get through

The driver reversed back to get a better angle to turn right but did so at such speed that the car flew back and got stuck across the entrance 

The clip mirrors the famous scene in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery when Mike Myers’ character gets into a similar situation. 

While trying to perform a three-point turn in a golf cart in the 1997 film, Austin Powers becomes wedged between two walls. 

It is not known how or if the driver in the footage manged to get out of the tight situation.

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