Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson lookalike officer goes viral, uses fame for good cause

A Morgan County, Ala., sheriff’s lieutenant has gone viral in a recent TikTok comparing him to movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

“Look at him!” the TikTok user exclaimed. “You cannot tell me that is not Mr. Dwayne.” 

It started after a Walmart employee told another officer he “wanted to meet [the] Deputy that people say looks like ‘The Rock,’” according to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.  Lt. Eric Fields, the lookalike, was happy to oblige and snapped a picture, generating the social media stir. 

“It’s always been a running joke of people saying I resemble the Rock or… Vin Diesel,” Fields shared in an interview with Fox affiliate WBRC, “and I just go with it.”

His wife got a kick out of the flattering comparison, too: “She loves it,” Fields said with a relaxed posture and ear-to-ear grin, just like the “Fast & Furious” star.   

But he hasn’t kept the newfound fame to himself. He’s raising awareness for Sgt. Chris Dillard, a 26-year law enforcement veteran and role model for many at the Morgan Co. Sheriff’s Department, who recently was diagnosed with ALS.   

“To know Chris Dillard is to like him,” a GoFundMe post reads. “He has the reputation of being an excellent Officer/Deputy but is an even better man. His calming sense and wise words are welcome in any conversation. However, it is his caring heart he shows for his team that stands out most.”

“He’s just a really good husband, father, and…great officer,” Fields echoed. “I had to pull him out of the field when he got diagnosed ‘cause he wanted to continue to go out and work side by side with these guys.”

Ultimately, Fields said he’d want to use his looks to promote awareness for Dillard. 

“I was just thinking, I was praying, I was working out… I said… what am I supposed to do with this?’” Fields explained in response to the TikTok fame. The Dillard’s Warriors GoFundMe has sought to raise money for Dillard’s treatment over the coming months to alleviate the disease’s effect and has collected nearly $8,000 of the desired $35,000 thus far.

But, as Fields points out, money is not the only resource that could help fight Dillard’s condition. “I’m not saying we need a bunch of money, but prayers and support… would mean everything.”

Morgan County is an hour’s drive north of Birmingham.

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