Dying dad in stretcher ‘walks’ daughter down the aisle at her wedding

A dying father ‘walked’ his daughter down the aisle for her wedding while lying on a stretcher.

Pedro Villarin, 65, was suffering from terminal liver cancer but it was his last wish to walk his daughter Charlotte Villarin down the aisle for her wedding.

The family hired an ambulance and a private nurse to take him to the ceremony in the city of Las Pinas, part of the Philippines’ National Capital Region of Metro Manila.

The plan was for Mr Villarin to escort his daughter down the aisle in a wheelchair but he was not strong enough so they used the ambulance stretcher instead.

Relatives and wedding organisers helped to pull the stretcher towards the altar while the dying man held onto his daughter’s hand.

Wedding photographer Law Tapalla said: "Pedro Villarin walked his daughter down the aisle like any father would have even if his health made this a difficult endeavor."

His daughter later revealed the sad news that her father had died within days of the ceremony.

Ms Villarin said: "That wedding was really for him because he wanted to walk with me to the altar and witness my wedding since according to him I was his favorite daughter."

She also said that she had feared her father would not be able to attend the ceremony as he had recently been admitted to hospital in extreme pain.

"We were going back and forth in the hospital beforehand," she said.

"We hired an ambulance and a private nurse. We thought he would be able to sit on a wheelchair, but he couldn’t take it and used the stretcher from the ambulance instead.

"But he really sacrificed because he felt pain in that moment. And we thank God for allowing that to happen."

Sharing a photograph of her kissing her father during the wedding on social media, Ms Villarin said: "Papu, I love you so much."

She added: "It was really painful but knowing that he left this world, fulfilling his dream, I’m happy already no matter what."

The wedding video and photographs have been shared on social media where they are proving a moving experience for users.

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