Early winter sets back 10 construction sites in Montreal

A total of 10 construction projects in Montreal that were slated to finish by the end of the year have been delayed until 2019.

The City of Montreal made the announcement on Friday afternoon, saying the early bout of winter weather during the fall is to blame.

“Even though we had an exceptional summer, the construction season in 2018 was very short,” said Sylvain Ouellet, the executive committee member responsible for water and infrastructure, in a statement.

“We can usually count on the month of November to complete the refurbishment work, which was not the case this year.”

As a result, the city will instead temporarily pave sections of the sites until construction can start back up next year. In the spring, the asphalt will be removed for permanent paving.

The delay will cost the city an extra $1.5 million for all 10 work sites. The contracts total $94 million.

Here is the list of construction projects that will now be completed in 2019:

  • Clark Street, between Laurier Avenue and Arcade Street
  • Coleraine Street, between Butler and Charon streets
  • Lanaudière Street, between Rachel and Marie-Anne streets
  • Drolet Street, between Liège and Guizot streets
  • Jeanne-Mance Street, between Mont-Royal Avenue and Villeneuve Street
  • Lacordaire Boulevard, between Chauveau and Sherbrooke streets
  • Meunier Street, between Crémazie Boulevard and Legendre Street
  • St-Denis Street, between Jean-Talon and Jarry streets
  • St-Patrick Street Phase 2, between Wellington and Island streets
  • Boulevard Viau, between Rosemont Boulevard and Beaubien Street

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